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Welcome to TheHatTrickHerald.com!

Who I am:

My name is Alex Valle. I am a California attorney who obtained my Juris Doctor, with a Business Law emphasis, in 2020 from Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law in Orange, California.  I served as an Articles Editor on Chapman Law Review, Treasurer for Chapman’s Entertainment and Sports Law Society, and Co-Director for the annual Chapman Entertainment and Sports Law Symposium.  Formerly, I contributed to DucksNPucks (which is now a member of the Puck Network). I’ve been a hockey fan since 2005 and I spend every day of my life following the game I love.

While I was on hiatus for almost all of 2020 to study for the California Bar Exam, my passion in life is hockey (collectively: the game, the business, and the law behind it), and I try to showcase that passion in every article I write.

What I do:

I started TheHatTrickHerald.com in January 2018 as part of my mission to provide quality hockey discussion articles to hockey fans everywhere.

Hockey News and Discussions Content

This section provides thought provoking hockey discussions and quality analyses on trades, contracts, draft selections, and hypotheses surrounding this great sport! My goal is to be the most objective hockey site on the internet. No biases, no clickbait, no ads, no subscriptions, no illusory promises. What you see is what you read.

Sports and the Law Content

On October 12, 2018, I began offering discussions regarding legal/arbitration/Collective Bargaining Agreement issues in hockey! These subjects draw from my own research and my background as a sports law student, now attorney.

Nothing in my articles should be construed as providing legal advice to any person or entity! This is clearly to provide my opinions (based on my legal education and my understanding of the NHL’s governing instruments and their interpretation) to hockey fans.

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“[He] know[s] [his] stuff!” – Jeff Solomon, Vice President, Hockey Operations at Los Angeles Kings

-Analysis liked on Twitter by the Florida Panthers


I am a very statistics heavy writer. Most of my information comes from these awesome pages and websites:




Evolving Hockey

NHL Stats

KHL Stats



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